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Lighting Funder is a new funding concept designed for young people to quickly fund their fun. When we say fund their fun, we’re talking 10 people throwing in $10.00 in about 10 minutes. If you measure this in beer, well that’s about 4 pitchers in NYC dollars and in some bars that’s a stretch. Still, $10.00/10 Minutes/Go Fun isn’t bad when you consider each person didn’t drop a dime, like FREE!

Let’s talk about FREE.
Money is time. The 10 minutes is the time it takes to contribute 10 dollars. Is that really FREE? No, each person takes their time to perform a valuable service/function and earns the $10.00’s in 10 minutes. If you break this down, it’s $60/hr. I suppose if you make less than $60.00/hr, or what is around $120,000/yr, than you’re making out on the deal!

How do I get started?

Well, we’d like to tell you to just “CLICK HERE”, but right now it’s not that simple. In fact, while we tighten up our financial modeling and work through time tracking as it relates to real contribution, we are only taking highly strategic invitation only members. We hate to do this, we really do. Know this is both easy in design, but also very complicated at scale. For a select small batch of people we can deal, we are working hard to understand the larger scale model right now.

In the mean time…
While we figure it out, the best thing you can do is reach out to a friend that is a member. They may be connected to our Facebook page or Twitter.